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Welcome to ADTEL Communication company where quality matters and flows,make a choice now and join us in VOIP solutions training so that you can do it in networks.

The VOI-8001 is a cost-effective VoIP telephone gateway that offers high- quality voice and real-time fax data over IP networks for small and medium sized
offices that want to integrate a VoIP system into an existing office phone system. 

The VOI-8001 VoIP gateway is both SIP and H.323 standard compliant enabling users to make calls in both protocols simultaneously.

The Gateway also includes a NAT server, DHCP for automatic network setup, PPPoE for broadband Internet access and a built-in firewall that secures the network from outside attacks and unauthorized access.

An 8 port FXS Gateway.
The VOI-8001 Gateway provides 8 ports for connecting telephones and fax machines
to a network enabling users to make calls to other VoIP gateways and IP phones. The
10/100Mbs BaseT Ethernet port connects to any Ethernet port on a switch or broadband router providing connected legacy devices to Internet access.

For more information about the practical training skills ,please you can download the ADTEL communication document .click on the link below
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