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System Overview

AMG-2000 is a Wireless Service Controller, dedicatedly designed for small to medium-sized wireless network deployment and management, making it an ideal solution for easily creating and extending WLANs in SMB offices. With its user management features, administrators will be able to manage the whole process of wireless network access.
ADTEL communications uganda has some pf the projects that has been done by some students which have improved thier skills and these are as shown below like voice of IP (VOIP) ,Hotspot and many

Hotspot Design
Authorized end-to-end communication for both wireless and wired networks Standards-based encryption capabilities ensure data privacy to user’s device Protection against DoS attack and unauthorized access points Effective User Management Simultaneous support for internal and external user authentication options Policy-based control approach enhances the management of multiple categories of users On-line user list monitors real-time status of each individual user Provides detailed per-user traffic history log for analysis and record keeping Centralized AP Management Centralized remote control of managed APs avoids the need to individually configure each device Automatic discovery of APs to identify and enroll managed APs to the device list Remote status monitoring of managed APs............
Hotspot design

and associated client stations ensures efficient network resource utilizationProvides system alarms and statistics reports on managed APs

Voice of IP (VOIP)

System Concept
AMG-2000 is responsible for user authentication, authorization and management. The user account information is stored in the local database or a specified external databases server. The user authentication is processed via the SSL encrypted web interface. This interface is compatible to most desktop devices and palm computers. The figure shown above is an example of AMG-2000 set to control a part of the company’s intranet. The whole managed network which includes the cable network users and the wireless network users.

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