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About Us

ADTEL communication (U) limited was created by three students .The main aim is to give hands on ICT training solution and power related solution.Right now with its training approach ,ADTEL is based providing practical awareness/training to students, Technicians, Electrical Engineers, Network Administrators, system Administrators and ICT Managers.

Our Vision
Our goal is to be the natural first choice as a provider for communications, networking and their power related solutions in the region.

Our Mission
“To develop a communication infrastructure and the power related needs of the future for the East & Central Africa region, by deploying quality and value in all the networks we build”

The Company
Adtel Communications Limited is an established company dedicated to providing services for diverse market segments of the power, networking and telecommunications industry. Adtel has excelled in providing both corporate and network operators with flexible, high quality products offering lower infrastructure costs and rapid returns on investment solutions.
Founder of Adtel Communication Limited
ADTEL is intended to Equip ICT people with practical skills and work hand in hand with them, Use those skills to develop solutions which can lead to poverty reduction. Later assist the rural people to produce and buy what they produce.
Our Objectives
• To develop and fully equip a practical centre.
• To use ICT as a tool for human resource development in ICT and related Technologies by providing Practical skills .
• To use ICT as a tool for poverty reduction in rural and marginalized people of Uganda. (e.g Develop “Agricultural Computing”).
Key Beneficiaries
ICT people.
Rural people.
For more information about the ADTEL communication company,please contact us or you can write to us or send us a mail to our agents and they will provide you with what you need .
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Our Vision
Our Mission
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